Outsourced Internal Audit Services

Outsourced Internal Audit Services

Take your CPA and Accounting firm goodwill to newer heights.

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Partner with Prime Offshore Accounting for Internal Audit Outsourcing Services and save massive time that goes into auditing work. We manage comprehensive responsibilities in our Audit Outsourcing Services, such as recording financial and accounting transactions, preparing financial reports, tax filing returns statements, and more.

All our Audit Services for CPAs comply with federal and state laws and regulations. Our outsourced internal audit focuses on enhancing your audit quality and accuracy, seamlessly managing year-end challenges, and helping you achieve smooth scalability in the future. We have a dedicated team of highly skillful Internal Auditors who handle every Audit task, from Tax Audit Preparation to Compliance Audit Support, Financial Audit, and more, with dexterity.

Our Audit Services analyze business financial transactions to locate and fix all potential bottlenecks related to misleading entries, inefficiency in cash flows, and errors in account books to deliver fault-less financial statements and tax filing reports. We aim to foster your business growth by providing authentic and fair statements and reports for decision-making and giving your investors a transparent viewpoint of your firm’s current operations.

By outsourcing internal audit work to India to us, you will experience all the tasks being performed efficiently. We conduct thorough checking by reviewing business financial data, the potency of internal audit workflows, the robustness of risk management policies, and other elements. It helps us to analyze the operations from all angles and evaluate firm soundness.Discover in-depth insights on how outsourcing audit support can lead to significant cost savings and enhanced efficiency in our detailed article: Why You Should Outsource Audit Support for Cost Savings and Efficiency. Learn from our experts about the tangible benefits of this approach for your business.

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    Why Choose Us for Auditing Outsourced Services?

    Choose Us for Auditing Outsourced Services

    Adherence to Data Security Metrics

    As one of the most reliable Accounting Firms for Audit Services, we employ the industry’s highest security metrics, including NDA policies, data privacy laws, and internationally recognized data protection regulations to shield data against tampering.

    Faster Turnaround Time

    We aim to provide all our clients with 100% accurate CPA Audit Services within the committed timeframe to help them drive in more work and earn substantial revenues by delivering all offshoring audit work in a rapid turnaround time.

    Free-up Internal Teams

    Our Audit Outsourcing Services lets your internal audit teams focus on other tasks. We ease off your excessive workload, making your firm flexible to cash in new projects without worrying about expenditure on new resources and assets.


    With new businesses commencing daily in the United States, it is a positive sign for Accounting and CPA firms to capture the market by driving in new clients. You can attain scalability by banking on our seasoned workforce and advanced infrastructure.

    Free Trial

    We offer a free one-day trial to ensure you get a firm perspective of our working style. Accordingly, we suggest our flexible engagement models to meet your requirements. Whether you need single or multiple projects, we will help you fulfill them.

    Real-time updates

    We maintain fair transparency in our dealings through NDAs and communication by giving our clients real-time W-I-P updates and reports. We quickly implement the client requests and keep them involved throughout the outsourced internal audit work.

    Benefits of our Outsourced Internal Audit Services

    • Timely reports from weekly to bi-weekly and monthly for audits to keep you updated with business performance
    • Optimal utilization of your firm resources and seamlessly expand its operations and capabilities
    • Stay compliant with federal and state audit laws, policies, and procedures, enhancing the firm’s goodwill
    • Overcome the shortage of hiring Internal Auditors with the required expertise, skillsets, and qualifications
    Outsourced Internal Audit Services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is internal audit outsourcing?

    Internal Audit Outsourcing is highly preferred by CPA and Accounting firms, enabling them to hire dedicated internal auditors with the needed skillsets and expertise to perform internal auditing tasks for their clients. It is beneficial when you want to expand your internal team without spending on hiring a new workforce.

    What is the difference between internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing?

    Two terms, Co-Sourced and Outsourced, often create confusion among people, and they are used interchangeably. Let us provide you with a quick clarification between them.

    Internal Audit Outsourcing: When a firm outsources its internal audit activities to a third-party service provider or independent firm that handles comprehensive tasks.

    Co-Sourcing: When an internal audit is performed in a mutual partnership between the firm’s in-house internal audit department and outsourced internal audit provider. It broadens the expertise and skillsets of the internal team and enables them to focus on other tasks while arduous auditing chores are managed by hired internal auditors. It helps to fill the gaps and allows firms to serve their clients with a wide range of services.

    What are the benefits of outsourcing auditing?

    There are several benefits of outsourcing internal audits that firms bank on to derive lucrative results. It is worthwhile to opt for offshore auditing to leverage arbitrage savings on labor costs by getting internal auditors with the intended expertise to perform tasks. The following are the key benefits:

    • Your overall quality of auditing work will improve significantly as outsourcing audit firms have experience in providing their clients with error-free and 100% precise work.
    • You will always adhere to the committed deadlines to your clients as outsourcing internal audit firms highly respect given timeframe and deliver the finished output within that.
    • You can leverage cutting-edge technology, tools, and software to attain a competitive edge in the local market and cash in more clients by providing them with auditing work on the latest infrastructure.
    • Internal auditing consumes considerable time during seasonal work, and you can overcome that by outsourcing internal audits to focus on other activities and cash in more projects.