Outsourced Invoice Processing Services

Outsourced Invoice Processing Services

Manage our supplier’s invoices, from receipts to payments, with our automated solutions.

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At Prime Offshore Accounting, we provide invoice processing services by fully managing your supplier’s invoices for cash outflow optimization, enhanced process visibility, and timely payments of suppliers. Our highly trained accountants efficiently handle the whole cycle, from extracting data for reviewing to establishing remittance dates to recording entries in the general ledger for timely approvals and payment disbursals.

Our invoice processing outsourcing enables you to prevent unnecessary delays, errors, and duplication in the P2P cycle. It will boost your credibility with suppliers and third-party vendors, creating solid goodwill in the local market. By outsourcing invoice processing to Prime Offshore Accounting, you can focus on core business areas, and we will handle receipts and invoice management processes.

By outsourcing invoice processing services to us, you will automate multiple processes of receiving, recording, processing, and payment of invoices. We are renowned for delivering 100% accurate and error-free invoice processing solutions tailored to your client’s multiple needs. We enhance your supplier-firm business relations by processing invoices in a rapid turnaround time and in compliance with the industry’s best practices.

Our highly competent invoice processors employ the latest technology, tools, and software to manage fault-less invoice processing. We efficiently capture invoices and translate them from paper or electronic format, classify them in the database, and record them in the general ledger.

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    Why Outsource Invoice Processing Services to Prime Offshore Accounting?

    Why Outsource Invoice Processing Services?

    100% Data Security and Privacy

    We employ strict data privacy measures, security protocols, confidentiality clauses (NDAs), the industry’s benchmark data safeguarding practices, and other compliance policies for 100% protection of your client’s data from data breach and tampering.

    Access to the Best Infrastructure

    We have deployed state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology in-house to give our clients a competitive edge in their local market in terms of technology. We regularly upgrade our software and tools to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors.

    Flexible Pricing Models

    We offer flexible pricing models, enabling you to leverage our invoice processing resources according to your requirements. We offer our clients a free trial for invoice processing outsourcing services to instill trust and confidence.

    Attain Scalability

    We help our clients achieve scalability by assisting them to take up multiple projects without worrying about deploying additional capital and resources. We have the required infrastructure and technology. You can leverage them to expand your business.

    Shorter Turnaround Time

    Whether you want to process your supplier invoices within 6-12 hours, we will meet your 11th-hour requirements to solidify your reputation in the client’s mind. We have the required resources with expertise in delivering 100% accurate output.

    Timely Reports

    We deliver detailed reports of all processed invoices with their respective status and a summary of all reconciliation statements within the committed timeframe. We record all invoice reconciliations with supplier account balances for 100% precision.

    What do our Invoice Processing Outsourcing Services include?

    • We manage two-way, three-way, and four-way invoice matching
    • Promptly resolving your Suppliers/Vendors queries
    • Proficiently managing and recording discounts and allowances
    • Single and Intercompany invoice tracking and processing
    • Timely approval of invoices and payment disbursals to supplier/vendor
    • Accurately recording entries of the total amount in their respective vendor ID, date, and line item
    Invoice Processing Outsourcing Services includes?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is invoice outsourcing?

    Invoice Outsourcing is becoming a trend amongst accounting firms, as these outsourcing services are specifically designed to handle and perform the complete tasks of supplier’s invoice processing, from analyzing to verifying to recording in the general ledger to obtain timely approvals and payment disbursals, leading to remarkable goodwill with the suppliers and vendors.

    What are the benefits of outsourcing invoice processing services?

    Tax, Accounting, and CPA Firms opt for invoice processing services for several benefits, such as a reduction in the cost of invoice processing and overall operational and overhead costs. Also, it enables businesses to eliminate bottlenecks, such as missing invoices or mismatched transactions, and related scenarios that can hamper a company’s reputation. 

    Apart from that, it ensures timely and accurate processing of all invoices, speeds up cash flow optimization, eliminates the requirement of deploying an internal team for invoice processing, enables in-house teams to focus on core activities, get tasks performed by seasoned experts, and most importantly help you stay in control of your finances.

    How much does it cost a company to process an invoice?

    The cost of processing an outsourced invoice depends on numerous factors, such as the country you are outsourcing to, the service provider hourly rate, invoice processors’ experience and qualification, the overall expertise of the invoice processing outsourcing firm, and a couple more.

    It is wiser to outsource invoice processing services to Prime Offshore Accounting, an Indian-based Accounting Outsourcing Service Provider. We provide the most affordable prices for processing invoices. We devise a tailored pricing solution to meet your requirements.

    How many invoices can be processed in a day?

    The average number of invoices processed by an in-house accounts team and outsourced ones in a day varies on several factors, such as the number of employees, the software they are using, and their adroitness. However, the estimated invoice processed in an hour averages around 4-5. It means that in an 8-hour shift, it will be around 35-40, and monthly 650-800.