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At Prime Offshore Accounting, we aim to boost your productivity and streamline workflow by eliminating time-consuming Data Entry activities, which reduce the working energy levels of your internal team and affect their morale by performing mundane and strenuous data entry and management tasks.

Our Data Entry Outsourcing team has expertise in performing complex data entry duties skillfully by giving utmost attention to time-sensitive functions, such as processing invoices, insurance claims, and receipts, designing online PDF/Word format product catalogs by regularly updating them according to product and services changes, and monitoring legal documents.

When you outsource data entry to us, you will extend your work timings and increase your operating hours virtually, as we are based in India. We will provide end-to-end clientele support according to your time zone and our time zone to ensure your clients stay connected with your business and get prompt response and resolution for their queries and requests implementation.

As one of the most trustworthy Data Entry Outsourcing Companies, our primary objective is to help you overcome shortcomings and challenges in managing client data entry chores by proficiently handling all responsibilities and delivering error-free output of unparalleled quality.

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    Why Choose Us for Data Entry Outsourcing Services?

    Data Entry Outsourcing Services

    Ease the Burden

    We relieve you from the burden of performing mundane and time-consuming data entry activities by handling comprehensive chores. There is no limit on the number of tasks you can assign to us.

    No Contractual Obligation

    We offer flexible engagement models enabling you to hire our professional data entry services according to your project requirements and don’t bind you to a contractual obligation.

    100% Confidentiality

    We follow the industry’s best security measures and employ internationally recognized data protection practices to keep our client’s data 100% secured and protected from data tampering.

    Dedicated Support

    We allocate you a dedicated account manager for end-to-end support and sole point of contact to resolve your queries, initiate your requests, and update you with real-time W-I-P.

    Versatile Services

    Our Data Entry Services are versatile and ideal for Tax, Accounting, and CPA firms of all scales, sizes, and complexity in the U.S.; solutions are formulated according to your goals.

    Arbitrage Savings

    As we are based in India, the hourly rate and pricing models are economical and low-priced compared to USA pricing plans and hourly rates, giving you arbitrage savings on workforce costs.

    What do our Data Entry Virtual Assistant Services include?

    • Compiling, Sorting, Editing, Recording, and Indexing of Data
    • Scrutinizing the Data to eliminate errors, duplicate entries, and unnecessary files
    • Typing Captions and Information to enhance precision SEO results for Images.
    • Recording Invoices and Receipts to expedite collection and payment processes
    • Converting online e-documents and files into a readable format
    • Entering customer transactions related to subscriptions, applying discounts and coupon codes, and redeeming offers.

    Apart from the above services, we provide additional data entry solutions tailored to your needs.

    Data Entry Outsourcing Services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a data entry virtual assistant?

    Data Entry Virtual Assistants are cost-effective replacements for physically present data entry employees at the location. They help you overcome staffing challenges by recruiting Data Entry Specialists with rich expertise and investing expenditure in expanding workplace infrastructure and benefits of employees.

    What does a data entry assistant do?

    Data Entry Virtual Assistants are committed to delivering the assigned data entry tasks with utmost accuracy within the dedicated timeframe. 

    They work remotely and have the required software and tools to perform comprehensive data entry activities, including typing data into Word/Excel files, data collection from journals, books, surveys, and other sources, screening and extracting beneficial data, regularly updating new information, thoroughly checking all files to mitigate errors and avoid duplication, replying to emails on your behalf, calendar management, scheduling and sending reminders of events and meetings, and more.

    What is Data Entry Outsourcing?

    Data Entry Outsourcing involves hiring a third-party company that has a skilled workforce and needed infrastructure to perform your data entry tasks and enable you to divert your saved time and resources to other essential activities.

    It is constructive to meet committed deadlines during the seasonal period and when you want to scale your organization without spending colossal capital on expansion. Data Entry Outsourcing is perfect for collecting, recording, and managing bulk data by organizing them in a systematized manner.

    What is the importance of outsourcing data entry services?

    It is vital in today’s era to outsource data entry services to save substantial time and enjoy up to 50% savings on operational and overhead costs that get absorbed by performing arduous data entry tasks. It is challenging to regularly record and maintain abundant client data when running a tax, accounting, or CPA firm in the United States.

    The following are the importance of outsourcing data entry services:

    • Free up time and utilize it in marketing and sales activities to cash in new projects and augment your business presence in the local market.
    • Access to cutting-edge software, tools, and technology for performing data entry activities and making a solid reputation in the client’s mind
    • Give your clients highly professional and exceptional customer service support and 100% accurate and flawless output to build long-term business relations.
    • Hiring data entry services only when needed and not spend monthly costs like payment to employees and their benefits
    • Get your data entry activities carried out by highly experienced and adroit data entry outsourcing assistants with immense expertise.

    What is a data entry job example?

    Data Entry is essential in all industry verticals, and some general data entry job examples are:

    • Data Entry Processors and Analysts in the Hospitality and Travel Sectors for recording customers’ information and keeping track of their bookings and reservations
    • Data Entry Specialists in the Educational Sector for entering new admissions (enrolments) and monitoring students’ data
    • Data Entry Experts in Hospitals for entering patients’ information and administer their sensitive information