Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Remote Accountants

By: Prime Offshore AccountingOctober 3, 2023

Accounting is a salient business process requiring employees with specified skills and experience to perform comprehensive accounting tasks. It takes a substantial investment to recruit accountants, train them, regularly upgrade the process, and give additional supervision time during seasonal work.

Hence, it is wiser to outsource accounting chores to free up the internal team and shift them to other primary activities. Remote Accounting is one of the best strategic decisions for Tax, Accounting, and CPA firms in the U.S. to hire highly skilled and seasoned accountants from another country where hourly rate and pricing models are economical.

It helps them to attain scalability and cash in more projects without worrying about expanding infrastructure and staffing new teams. Hiring outsourced accountants is perfect for all scales and sizes of firms.

Whether starting a new business or expanding an existing one, remote accounting is ideal for you. In this blog, we will walk you through reasons why you should hire remote accountants for your accounting operations.

What is hiring a Remote Accounting Team?

People often face confusion and interchangeably use remote working teams and hire remote accountants. Let us provide quick clarification.
If you have an internal team recruited in another destination or have individuals working remotely from their preferred location, it is called a remote working team. They work in accordance with the company’s laws, policies, work timings, and drafted guidelines.

In contrast, hiring remote accountants means hiring a skilled team of seasoned accountants from outsourced accounting companies who work on an hourly basis according to assigned work and deliver the outcome within the dedicated timeframe.

Remote Accountants ensure a higher accuracy, and their reports comply with federal and state laws and regulations. It increases efficiency and overall business productivity by extending your existing team.

Reasons for Hiring Remote Accountants

Access to Veteran Accountants

Tax, Accounting, and CPA firms in the United States can benefit from a vast pool of seasoned accountants at modest prices by hiring them from China, India, the Philippines, and African countries. When it comes to hiring a highly skilled workforce for a one-off project or multiple activities, these nations always deliver premier-quality output at cheaper hourly rates.

With the population of China and India in billions, you will have access to a massive pool of talented and experienced human resources who work remotely and are committed to delivering the highest quality work.

Hiring Remote Accountants from these countries gives you access to multitudinous seasoned accountants at economical pricing. Working with veteran remote accountants enhances your goodwill in the local market by delivering 100% accurate and error-free work.

Extending your Working Timings

Another vital reason for hiring remote accountants from another nation is to extend your business operating hours. They will work in another time zone and provide your clients with virtual round-the-clock support. Also, your business efficiency and productivity will elevate by staggering numbers.

Remote Virtual Accountants are highly responsible and proficiently handle every query to deliver professional and exceptional customer support to your clients. For instance, if your client wants specific reports or statements for analysis late in the evening or early morning, remote accountants will provide resolution by delivering them their requests.

It helps build a solid reputation, ensures your client stays connected with your firm and gets quick responses outside your local working hours. It is highly beneficial during seasonal work to complete extensive work and cash in new projects without worrying about doubling the team. It makes your firm clients’ go-to business for accounting solutions due to delivery within a faster turnaround time than usual.

Eliminates Absenteeism Risk

Hiring Remote Accountants from an outsourcing accounting firm helps eliminate the risk of employee absenteeism, uninformed casual/sick leaves, and exiting without notice. Such factors adversely affect tax, accounting, and CPA firms’ productivity and work. Also, if your employees take subsequent leaves with a week off, it hampers production management.

Hence, it is intelligent to hire remote accountants who will help you complete the assigned task and adhere to your clients’ committed deadlines. They work on a contract and hourly basis, and there is no risk of uninformed leaves and leaving immediately in between.
Outsourced accounting companies abide by the contract agreements and are committed to delivering assigned work by helping you overcome absenteeism challenges.

Strategically Plan for Disaster Management

Another critical reason for hiring remote accountants is to keep your firm ahead in the future and have a strategic plan for disaster management in scenarios of recession, political issues, economic crises, and other adversely affecting situations.

Remote Accountants work in another country, and their work won’t be affected by any unforeseen disaster. Even though your internal team won’t be working due to catastrophe, hired remote accountants will keep your business operations running smoothly.

Capital Saved on Infrastructure and Workforce

Another reason for hiring Remote Accountants is to eliminate the concern of regularly investing capital to upgrade infrastructure, software, and tools. Remote Virtual Accountants upgrade their systems timely and adopt the latest technology to help clients gain a competitive advantage in the local market.

Delivering your client’s reports and statements on cutting-edge technology will build you solid goodwill and drive potential customers for revenue maximization. Also, you don’t have to train your workforce or hire a new team on new software releases and tools. It helps you save vast capital on training human resources, deploying the latest infrastructure, and frequently upgrading software.

You can attain scalability and complete seasonal work on time without investing in infrastructure or workforce, which chews up considerable costs and gives massive savings of up to 50%. Hiring Remote Virtual Accountants helps you plan for expansion anytime and broaden your expertise in the local market.

Saved Monthly Costs on New Team

When you hire a new team of accountants, you have to bear monthly expenses of operational and overhead costs related to their training and development, building workstations, investing in software and tools they will be using, recruiting an additional HR team for accountants, payroll management, and more.

Hence, it is intelligent to hire remote virtual accountants and eliminate all these costs for hiring a new team and their upkeeping. Outsourcing Accounting Companies, such as Prime Offshore Accounting, offer Payroll Management Outsourcing Services to free up your existing internal payroll team and divert them to other activities.

As a highly trusted Payroll and Accounting Outsourcing Company, we provide comprehensive support and handling responsibilities of accounting activities and payroll processing tasks. We are committed to delivering premier quality work that complies with federal and state laws, regulations, and regulatory compliance.

Increases focus on core activities and solidifies business positioning

Another top reason for hiring remote accountants is time-saving on supervision and managing of accounting activities of multiple clients, planning regularly for monthly recurring costs on infrastructure, in-house accountants, and software upgrades.

You can utilize this saved time and capital on formulating strategies for business growth, spreading your firm awareness, reaching the target audience, and bringing in new clients.

You can hire remote accountants according to the total projects and workload. It means you can scale the number of hired accountants up and down based on the requirements.

Also, hiring remote seasoned accountants help you maintain transparency in communication and work and convert clients into long-term business prospect. With solid goodwill, you can attract investors and stakeholders and raise funds for expanding and fostering your business.


After reading the blog, you will have firm clarification about the reasons for hiring remote accountants for your accounting operations. You will be acquainted with the multiple benefits you will enjoy by hiring remote accountants mentioned in the blog. However, if you have questions, feel free to contact us.

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They are well-versed with federal and state laws and regulations. They implement industry best practices and ensure 100% regulatory compliance to help you create a quality benchmark for delivering work.

Our Remote Accountants provide a wide range of services, such as classifying and recording business transactions in the General Ledger, analyzing and evaluating them for preparing balance sheets and financial statements, invoice processing, treasury and cash management, accounts payable, and accounts receivables.

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