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At Prime Offshore Accounting, we provide Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to help you stay ahead of your competitors by having total control of your business finances to make sound decisions and plan lucrative strategies. Our Virtual Accounting Service helps you attain scalability by leveraging our state-of-the-art technology, tools, software, and infrastructure.

As one of the most trustworthy Virtual Accounting Firms, we deliver timely reports from weekly to bi-weekly and monthly to give you updated financial performance of your firm by classifying and recording daily financial transactions, bank statement reconciliation, cash flow statements generation, analyzing and interpreting business transactions for preparation of balance sheet and essential reports to determine net components (profits, assets, and liabilities).

As one of the leading Virtual Accounting Companies, we maintain fair transparency in our dealings and communication to build long-term business relations. We update our clients with real-time W-I-P tasks and reports for instant feedback and implement their requested changes. Whether you want to hire a virtual accountant from us for one-off project work or multiple project activities, we will formulate tailored solutions to match your requirements.

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled accountants and bookkeepers with rich expertise in proficiently managing comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping activities of all scales and sizes of Tax, Accounting, and CPA Firms in the United States. All our Virtual Account Services adhere to the U.S.A. federal and state laws and regulations to ensure you stay on top in compliance.

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    Why Choose Us for Virtual Accountant Services?

    Payroll Process Outsourcing

    100% Security and Privacy

    We have adopted the industry’s best security measures, data protection policies, privacy protocols, NDA for confidentiality, and other internationally recognized practices to protect your data from tampering.

    Expand Worry-Free

    We help you expand your firm operations seamlessly by substantially reducing operational, infrastructure, and overhead costs associated with expansion by taking care of all aspects, from human resources to software.

    Reasonable Pricing

    By hiring virtual accountants from India from us, you will enjoy arbitrage savings on workforce costs, as we offer reasonable pricing models and hourly rates for our accounting and bookkeeping services to maximize your revenues.

    Cash in more projects

    We enable you to cash in more projects without recruiting a new workforce as we have the required resources to handle bulk activities of your clients and deliver every assigned work with utmost accuracy and in rapid turnaround time.

    Widen Service Offering

    We have an extensive range of accounting and bookkeeping services, enabling our clients to widen their service offering basket by leveraging our expertise to achieve tremendous reach and drive in more clients in the local market.

    Free One-day Trial

    We offer a free one-day trial to give you firm clarity about our service offerings, workflow, client support, software we employ, and accuracy and quality of work before proceeding further with our flexible engagement models.

    What do our Virtual Accounting Services include?

    • Cash Flow and Inventory Management 
    • Preparation of Tax Returns Forms and Reports
    • Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables for faster payment collection and disbursal
    • Payroll Services – Payroll Processing, Accounting, and Net Salary Calculations
    • Remotely Bookkeeping Activities Management
    • Preparation of Balance Sheet, Fund Flow Statements, and other Financial Statements
    Why Outsource Tax Preparation Services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are virtual accounting services?

    Virtual Accounting Services is basically a virtual accountant who works remotely from another location by virtually expanding your internal team. Virtual Accounting Services include managing limited or entire Accounting and Bookkeeping tasks without additional infrastructure or training accountants. 

    Virtual Accounting Services are primarily designed to ease the burden and time of handling accounting and bookkeeping activities and enable you to focus on core business areas. Another reason is hiring seasoned accountants to manage seasonal workloads and meet 11th-hour deadlines.

    What are the benefits of virtual Accounting Services?

    Virtual Accounting Services have numerous benefits, and the following are the salient ones:

    • Leveraging the expertise of veteran accountants and bookkeepers to enhance work quality and process compliance
    • Eliminate the challenges of the staffing shortage and unexpected exit of employees during seasonal work
    • Fulfill client’s last minute requests and give them extended support beyond office timings
    • Broaden your service offerings and gain a competitive edge in the local market

    Why is virtual accounting important?

    There are several advantages of Virtual Accounting Services that businesses look to capitalize on to yield lucrative returns. The following are the importance of Virtual Accounting:

    • Getting needed assistance for Payroll Processing and other Payroll tasks
    • Bank Statement Reconciliation
    • Classifying and Maintaining your Business Transactions and Events in an organized manner
    • Having Total Access to your Firm’s Finances for Decision-Making
    • Getting timely reports without spending time and resources on the preparation of reports
    • Have ample time to focus on core business areas for fostering operations

    What do virtual accountants do?

    Virtual Accountants work remotely from your home country or another nation, providing you with comprehensive or requested support for managing accounting and bookkeeping activities. They have software and tools for handling tasks and delivering assigned work in the committed timeframe.

    They stay connected with you during your office timings and offer you additional support by resolving your client queries. They help you expand your operating hours by working beyond your office timings and boosting productivity.

    They are competent in managing accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities of different scales and sizes firms. They are well-versed in all concepts, recording transactions, and preparation of financial reports.

    How Much Does A Virtual Accountant Cost?

    The cost of hiring a virtual accountant depends on numerous factors, and the following are the aspects you must consider to determine the estimated virtual accountant cost:

    • The country you are hiring from
    • Hourly rate and pricing models offered by the service provider
    • Number of services you will be required
    • Number of tasks/projects you want to assign
    • Experience and skillset of accountant